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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Assistive Technology: Hello Everyone, Here we are going to know about the windows 10 upgrade features for assistive technology. Those who want to know about the Assistive Technology just go through the previous article. you will come to know about it.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Assistive Technology

Microsoft Windows is an operating system which is developed and marketed by the Microsoft. Microsoft is leading Company in developing the operating environment. They have become partners for the assistive technology.

Windows 10 free upgrade Assistive Technology
Windows 10 Free upgrade assistive technology

Microsoft has recognized itself as the third party assistive technology iso products – screen readers, magnifiers, specialty accessibility hardware – are essential for many of our customers.That’s why we work closely with providers to support compatibility with Microsoft technology. Let’s have a look what are updates in Windows 10 for Assistive technology.

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Windows 10 free upgrade assistive technology for customers who use assistive technologies.

For the general public, Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade assistive technologies end on July 29. You are using assistive technology, you can still get the windows upgrade even after the expires at Microsoft. They will afford you improve the Windows 10 experience who uses these technologies.

Please check your windows 10 free upgrade Assistive technology product provider before upgrading windows to know more about the software compatible.

Yes, I use assistive technologies and I am ready for my free upgrade to Windows 10.

Get the Windows 10 for Assistive Technology Here. To know what are all the upgrade in the Windows 10. You can check here.

Assistive Technology Tools

Here you will know about the tool of Assistive technology and how it is helpful for students in Special educations. What are the tools of assistive technology?. It’s a good question, here you will get the answer for it.

There are lots of tools which are available for the students. Many companies have joined their hands to the assistive technology development. Microsoft has released Windows 10 assistive technology free download for the Students.

windows 10 Assistive technology
Assistive Technology tool

If you are new to this and confused about what is assistive technology? you can go through the previous blog. Before going to tools, we will have a small information about their special education for students.

Assistive Technology in Special Education

The National Education Association (NEA), the number of students enrolled in this program has been increased by 40 percent.  NEA reports say that in the general education classroom in a country included a student with disabilities.

As the students are showing the interest in joining the program, but the supply of the instructors has not kept pace. Based on the Education Department report there is always a shortage of teachers for this program.

Tools help the students with disabilities even there is a shortage of teachers is assistive technology.  The technology is helping the students to learn effectively. They are using low technologies like the graphic organizer to high technologies like smartphone apps.

The assistive technology is growing in a dynamic field to help the students in all ability. The Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade assistive technology has made the students easy to learn with device compatibility.

Assistive Technology Examples 

Here you are going to view about the tool used for Students in this special program. Let’s See what are all the tools.

windows 10 free upgrde Assitive technology
Text to Speech

Text To Speech(TTS): TTS is a software designed for the students who have difficulty in reading the standard prints. Prints disabilities include blindness, dyslexia, a learning disability that impedes the ability to read.Other Students also get benefit from TTS technology, such as children have autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD).

How it works: It will scan and read the words to students in a synthesized voice.  It uses a different speech sound to give the word in context. With the advanced speech synthesis, it gives the more accurate word to the students.

Intel Reader is a mobile handheld device uses TTS technology to scan the printed text and read it aloud. Its feature is the high-resolution camera that captures the printed text and read it to the user aloud. A user can Pause it and have the device spell out the highlighted words.

Intel Portable Capture Station functions for the Intel Reader to easily and quickly capture text from books and other documents.

Intel reader is mobile enough to use it any place. You can also move the content to the home computer, save the generated audio. Voices may vary in speed, pitch, and gender.

Kurzweil 3000 is the best one in the TTS software for an individual, who struggle with literacy. It’s a full-featured software program integrates abilities and help students who have a non-print disability. It’s available for Windows and Macintosh. Let’s have a look at features of Kurzweil 3000.

  • Multiple TTS Voices
  • Supports 18 languages
  • Talking spell checker
  • Picture dictionary graphics
  • Text magnification
  • Tools for essay writing, test taking, note taking, and more.
  • A multi-sensory approach to literacy learning.

Graphic Organizers 

Graphic Organizers is effective for the students to organize their thoughts during the writing process. It’s a strong choice for the students who have dysgraphia or disorders of written expressions. organizer work by helping the student map out a course action.

Depending on the type of writing, window 10 free upgrade assistive technology tool will prompt the writer to describe an object, charts out a course of events. This varies by type and technological sophistication.

Low-Tech Handouts: Graphic organizers do not need to be technologically advanced. Because they exist in Simple Handout form.

  • Sandwich chart assists students with paragraph writing.
  • Sequence Chart helps to narrative writing and ordering of events.
  • Sense Chart is designed for descriptive writing to express an item.
  • There are Dozens of charts exist which helps the students for virtual writing.

Draft: Builder: is a writer tool that integrates outlining, draft writing, note taking functions to break down the writing process. This program helps the student to visualize the project and insert the appropriate information.

It helps to create paper, where a student can drag and drop the rough draft notes. Draft Builder is available for Windows and Macintosh.

Assistive Listening systems:

Assistive learning system helps the students who are deaf and learning problems. According to the National Association for the Deaf, assistive technologies can be used to enhance the reach and effectiveness of hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Assistive Technologies uses a microphone and a device for capturing, bringing sound to the ear.  Now you get Windows 10 Free upgrade assistive technology which has increased the device compatibility.

FM Systems: According to American Speech Language Hearing Association(ASHA) FM system is best for the Sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when nerve to the inner ear to brain damage.

FM system works on radio broadcast technology.  With Transmitter microphone and receiver, the students and teacher can communicate each other at consistent sound level. In this Microphone can be turned off, so that student can concentrate only on the teacher.

Sound-Field System: Recommend for the classroom to assist all the students. These systems help the children having hearing loss, learning problems and other auditory problems.

Sound field system projects the sound through a mounted speaker in the classroom.  The sound is able to travel evenly, eliminating problem between the speaker and listener.

SIP and Puff Systems

Sip and Puff System are used for the students who have paralysis and fine motor skill disabilities. This system used to control any electronic devices, computers, and other technological applications by moving the device with his or her mouth. You can move the controller in any direction and click on the various navigational tool using sip or puff.

windows 10 free upgrade Assistive technology
Sip And Puff System

Sip and puff system is a switch device, used to replace the keyboard and mouse. Other switches have buttons, so that student can push, kick, pull, or perform some actions.

Jouse 3: It is meant for its accuracy and quick response. Jouse can be mounted to the desktop, a bed frame or any structures. This supports Windows, Macintosh, Unix, iOS, Android and Linux based computers. It can support two external switches and has two type of mouthpiece.

These are the Some Assistive technology tools and lot more are out there. Students are interested in learning nowadays, we can help them by joining them in Assistive Technolgy in Special education. The association will take care of them.

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