Google Account Manager APK Free Download 2018

Google Account Manager APK Free Download: If you are searching for the Google Account Manager APK, here is the right place to get it. You can download the latest and old version of Account manager. In this article, we have given an easy guide on “How to download and usage of Google Account manager”.

Consequently, you can download all the version of Google Account Manager App for all the mobile operating systems.


Google Account Manager APK

Google Account Manager

Most of them will be confused and have a doubt “What is Google Account Manager?“. And “How to use the Account Manager APK?“. “Where and How to Download Google Account Manager APK?“. Don’t Worry, here you can find all the answer and the download option below in download section.

What is Google Account Manager?

Let us know about the Account manager first. Google Account Manager APK helps you to erase the Factory Reset Protection Lock(FRP Lock). Most of the people find difficult with FRP Locked Device. Mostly they will face an error while entering the Google Account username and its Password.

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Account Manager also helps you to unbrick the dead FRP locked Smartphone. And You can also bypass the google account on your Android Phone.

How to Download Google Account Manager APK?

Many people will face a lot of issue and difficulty in downloading and installing the Google account manager Android. But it is very easy steps to install it. Here you are going to see how to download Google Account manager APK and install it.  Just follow the below steps and install it.

Also, Check for MTK USB Driver.

Google Account Manager APK Free download

#Step1: Download the Google Account Manager APK from the download section below on your Android Phone.

#Step2: In your Android mobile, Enable the Unknown Sources. It will not cause any problem on your phone. To enable the Unknown Sources, Goto Setting–> Security–>Unknown Sources.

#Step3: Now Install the Downloaded Google Account Manager APK on your Android Phone.

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#Step4: Next just follow the instructions given by your Smartphone. Automatically it will be Installed and you are done with installation.

Installation Completes. You can now bypass FRP Lock on any Android Phone.

Google Account Manager Error

There are different versions available for the account manager. Below we have given all the versions of the Google Account Manager Android. Depending on the Operating System, APK will change. Download the APK according to the Operating System.

Also, Check for MT65xx Preloader Driver.

If you use the different version on your Android Phone. You will get an Error stating “Unsupported Format“. Whenever you try to make a shortcut on your Android Phone. you will get an Error while entering the Email Username and Password. You can ignore the Error by downloading the Google Account Manager. You can also know about How to Fix Moviebox Not Working.

There are many versions of Account Managers like Marshmallow, Lollipop, Nougat, Jellybean, KitKat etc. The application is free for all the version. you need not pay a paise for it.

Also, Check For Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Download Google Account Manager

Here You can find all the version of Google Account Manager APK. Version Of Google Account Manager 6.0 apk, Google Account Manager (5.0, 7.0, 4.0, 8.0) apk. Download and enjoy using it.

Oreo Google Account Manager

Nougat Google Account Manager

IOS Emulator For Android

Marshmallow Google Account Manager

Lollipop Google Account Manager

Android Multi Tools

KitKat Google Account Manager


I hope I would have cleared all your doubt. I have made this article” Google Account Manager APK” easy to understand. If you have any issue with Downloading and installing the Google Account Manager just comment below. I will help you with it. Download ana Enjoy Using Google Account manager Android.

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